Herren’s team enhances program effectiveness for our clients by aligning strategic goals with powerful tools connected to outcomes-based measures.

We help leaders identify what results to track, establish relevant benchmarks, and develop program performance indicators. We derive valuable insights from this data and use it to optimize program effectiveness for our clients.

Program Management Office Advisory Services

A program management office (PMO) is the hub of any successful program, but it can drag down productivity and program effectiveness without the right systems in place. With nearly 30 years of program and acquisition management expertise, Herren can establish a PMO, help an existing PMO operate more effectively, or implement new PMO initiatives.
We enable PMOs to coordinate and share information on progress and results through common, web-based platforms that track progress, actions, status, and results and serve as a repository for project documents.

Strategic Financial Analysis

At Herren, we’ve been helping public-sector organizations more effectively manage and invest taxpayer dollars since we opened our doors nearly 30 years ago. Our clients take their commitment to transparency and cost-effective performance seriously, and they rely on Herren’s expert team to deliver robust financial analysis and insights that optimize impact.
Our strategic financial analysis capabilities span the lifecycle of expenditure. We work with our clients to ensure that program budgets are effectively planned, instituted, monitored, and revised as necessary. We have developed a suite of tools to streamline the financial management process while improving insights into budgetary issues and corrective actions.

Decision and Program Analytics

Access to reliable, relevant, and objective data is the foundation of solid decision making. Herren is an industry leader in developing actionable decision and program analytics. The leaders who work with us get the information they need to solve their toughest mission challenges. Our clients trust us to identify and deliver the analytical insights that will maximize value, mitigate risk, and improve performance.